Laser Hair Removal for All Skin Colors

For years Eva Taub has been offering safe and effective permanent laser hair removal hair reduction treatments to patrons of all hair colors in Miami Beach, Fl. In late August of 2017, Eva expanded this service in her newly opened med spa – Bay Harbour Med Spa II- in Newnan, Georgia. Learn More

Meet Eva Taub

With over 36,000,000 views and more than 85,000 subscribers on Eva’s Skincare YouTube channel have benefited from her wide spread skin care knowledge and expertise, she now looks forward to sharing over 600 educational and informative skincare video tutorials with you, and after so many requests to open a second location closer to the Alabama, Tennessee and Carolina areas (as the commute for many to Miami Beach is a bit far) Eva offers her customized ethnic skincare treatments to many of you in the surrounding areas of Newnan, GA.Learn More

Eva’s Skincare Line for Black/Dark Skin

Eva Taub formulated  – Skin Renewal Method – a complete skincare line comprised of AHA Mandelic Acid which is a safe (and bleach-free) skin lightening treatment for black skin; as well as the Acne Solution, and the Mini Eva Home Skin Lightening Kit – to name a few.Learn More

Bay Harbour Med Spa II … Our Philosophy

Eva Taub was borne, raised, educated and trained in Europe – the leading capital of the globe in the skincare industry; and particularly, training in treating dark/ethnic skin. In 1987 Eva opened up her first med spa location in Bay Harbor Island (Miami Beach), Fl. Offering an array of holistic skincare treatments (see complete menu here) and approaches to treating acne, different skin conditions, and varying degrees of hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration).

In mid 2013 Eva uploaded her first skincare related video on her YoutTube channel, challenging women to think twice before trying dangerous intimate skin bleaching treatments. To date, this video has over 6.3 million views. Eva’s popularity has grown exponentially garnering over 70 million video views and 139,000 subscribers- many of whom have flown across the world to Miami Beach to see Eva.

For several years there have been hundreds of requests for Eva to open up a location in Georgia and/or surrounding states, because there aren’t too many skincare clinics which offer safe, effective and expert skincare treatments specific for black/ethnic skin. In fact – over 70% of Eva’s YoutTube video tutorials are geared for black skin.

Eva is dedicated to education women and men in third-world countries on proper intimate area hygiene care and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

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Pick A Skincare Topic!

Chances are if you are curious about any skincare topic, I’ve covered it on one my more than 700 videos on my Skincare Youtube Channel. I invite you to have a look for yourself – and as always, please feel free to contact me with any skincare related question you may have. Click to Watch My Skincare Tutorials and Q & A’s