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Eva’s Authentic European Skincare Approach

Welcome to Bay Harbour Med Spa II – an authentic European skin care clinic (with two locations: one in Miami Beach, Florida and the other in Newnan, Georgia.), providing the most advanced and well researched medical-grade skin care treatments. I offer a private and pampering experience in an elegant European atmosphere.  I am committed to provide you with the highest quality and personalized skincare experience.

What You May Expect When I Treat Your Skin!

My delectable skin care treatments are customized to your exact skin type. My products are derived from fruit, plant and vegetable extracts.  I customize my skincare treatments specific to the male skin, as there are special considerations to take into account. However, my specialty is dark to black pigmented skin care.

My Approach to Treating Black/Dark Skin

Having trained both in Europe and the Middle East and being in the skincare industry for over 36 years, I consider myself to be one of the industry’s leading experts in treating dark pigmented skin.

Treating Men’s Folliculitis aka Ingrowns

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A common skin condition many black/dark pigmented men experience.

Do you suffer from ingrowns? Are you a black man who has painful #folliculitis? I’ve been expertly treating #blackskin for more than 36 years. I would like to thank our client, Craig, for allowing me to not only video his treatment but for his testimonial of his experience with how our treatments helped him with his painful #beard. Kindly take a moment to watch this short video which I hope offers you some helpful information.

Treating Women’s Folliculitis aka Ingrowns

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A common skin condition many black/dark pigmented women face.

Many of you asked me about how laser hair removal which is safe for black women is performed specifically for the face. A bit more on how CoolGlide laser hair removal is the most ideal treatment for ingrowns on the face, armpits and the like, is covered in this video I prepared for you. CoolGlide and is the only laser machine approved by the FDA to treat dark to black skin.


There’s So Much More …

I invite you to peruse my skincare blog which contains hundreds of video vlogs (click here) and peruse my skincare treatments menu (click here).