How CoolGlide Laser Helps Black Women w/ Ingrowns (Testimonial)

Today’s help with skin care segment is courtesy of  Bay Harbour Med Spa  located between Miami Beach and Sunny Isles, Fl, and a second location in the Atlanta, GA area. Many of you have written to me asking me for advice on how to get rid of ingrowns on the neck. I’ve mentioned CoolGlide laser hair removal because I see the incredible results it offers. While most of you viewing this video don’t live in South Florida or the South Georgia will probably never set foot in my med spa, I am determined to share helpful information with you. The pretty young lady in this video offered to share with you her experience in hopes that help women like her. I only recommend the CoolGlide laser hair removal technology, and if you are experiencing the same issue as this young lady, this is really the best and most long-lasting treatment. As always you are more than welcome to ask me skin care questions below in the comment section.


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